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Hello, this is my first post on Steem and in my new website blog. My name is Daniel Puch and I am a graphic designer and a failed comic artist. Hehehe…

I always liked comics, since I was a kid. I remember my mother reading me Donald Duck comics while she was trying to make me eat soup. That was one of her tricks to make me eat that soup that I didn’t like hehehe… but it worked and made me really like those Donald Duck comics.
Then I began to learn about more type of comics, like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and more.

I was always drawing and when I liked some program on the TV I usually tried to make it into a comic. I remember doing The Planets of the Apes when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Sadly I lost those drawings and a lot of other drawings I did as a teenager.

When I was at high school, I made a funny magazine in the style of Mad Magazine. It was done with other classmates and friends. The name was “El Bocón” (The Bigmouth) and we made fun of anything, from history of my native country (Uruguay) to television series like Magnun, or others who were popular on that time. It was done photocopied. And we did the texts on an old underwood typewriter. It was funny and we made some noise at our high school with the magazine, even our professors bought the magazine occasionally.
I don’t have any picture of the magazine but did again the logo that it was something like this:

After that I attended the Faculty of Economics in my native country. Yes, I know… nothing to do with art. But I found a way to express my artistic side in a magazine created by students of the faculty called Vector Nulo (Null Vector). And this was the main character of the magazine.

Again it was a magazine from students, some funny articles but also had interviews from Professors, the Dean, people who worked in the Faculty and also articles about education, things to improve in the college, etc…

After that I decided to collaborate with local fan made magazines. The first one I called was Diaspar. I met a lot of uruguayan artists there and all of them, introduced me to the world of European comics. Moebius, Enki Bilal, Tanino Liberatore, Tardi and some underground comic artists from USA like Richard Corben, Robert Crumb, etc.

So I began to get interested in a more serious side of the comics, I was mostly focused on cartoons comics in the style of Mad Magazine. Now I began to try to improve my art to make a more “realistic” comic art. I began to study anatomy, perspective, shadows and lights, I bought books about comic creation and I began to publish for several magazines in Uruguay, like Diaspar, Balazo and others.

Diaspar introduced me to a lot of great artists I didn’t know, and Balazo helped me to get published among some of the best and professional artists in Uruguay like William Gezzio, Daniel Gonzalez, Alejandro Colucci, Federici, Enrique Ardito, Eduardo Barreto and more.

In that magazine I created a character called Marco Alvarado. Mi idea was to publish it here in USA. And that’s what I am thinking to do!

Right now I have a writer friend who is helping me to polish the original script and my idea is to make a webcomic with it.

If things goes well, I will make a kickstart with it to publish it in printed version. And who knows! If I can I would like to publish it if there’s interest in any indie editorial around here.

But if it doesn’t work, I think it will be worth to do it!

I have also others projects that I will be publishing here, I hope you like them.

My website for comics now is under construction, but I am also working as a freelance designer and illustrator here:

If you want to be in contact with my future projects you can follow me on my social media accounts:

I am also open to illustrations, commissions, if you are interested drop me an e-mail to

Hope you all have a wonderful day and a great weekend!

Hasta la vista, babies !


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